Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Identifying and Addressing Ceiling Water Stains

Water seeping into a roof.
                   With melting snow, ice and rain, transitioning from winter to spring is prime time for ceiling water damage to appear. How’s your ceiling looking?

If your ceiling water is stained, it’s likely a roof leak or a condensation problem. Want to know how to tell the difference?  Condensation stains are usually found near exterior walls, often in corners. Look for smaller circles of stains of varying sizes with white centers. Rain leaks can appear anywhere on ceilings: near exterior walls, around ceiling fixtures even in the center of the ceiling.  Rain leaks also tend to stain in concentric rings with the center being the darkest. Each “ring” is a separate leak occurrence.

Explore your options for fixing the leak and subsequent ceiling water damage. Depending on your insurance policy, the fix may be covered.

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